Innovative Heating Project in Holland

The city of Rotterdam together with the ING bank, the utilities Eneco, E.On, Ministry of Economic Affairs, province of South Holland and the largest waste converting utility AVR have launched the “Heating Roundabout Project” which should be realised by 2020.

Heat, produced by industrial companies in the Port of Rotterdam, such as chemical companies and oil refineries, will be used in future to heat water and pump it in a gigantic “roundabout” in the province of South Holland to heat 350,000 houses and 1,000 hectares of greenhouses, used for cultivating vegetables and flowers. Holland has the largest flower cultivation industry in the world.

Total costs for the project are Euro 4.3 billion and the benefits are Euro 6.3 billion. The net result will be that 15% of all heating used in the province will come from clean renewable energy with an important reduction in CO2 emissions.

This project is unique in the world. Cities like The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam will profit from the “Roundabout” as well as the local flower cultivation businesses as their energy costs will be reduced substantially. At present the majority of greenhouses are heated with energy from gas, which is four times more expensive in Europe than in the USA.

Roland A. Jansen

Roland A Jansen is CEO of Biomass Partners Ltd and a Non Executive Director of Green Investment Solutions, an ethical Forestry Investment Company. For further information please visit:


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